Our online Master of Public Administration can position you for success while allowing you to continue to work. As a "field of inquiry with a diverse scope" whose fundamental goal is to "advance management and policies so that government can function". Required core courses comprise 27 credit hours, including a Public Administration Capstone class. This is made possible through the use of blended learning, which combines face-to-face instruction with online learning. Master of Public Administration (ve zkratce MPA, či M.P.A.) It is designed principally, but not exclusively, for those who are pursuing careers in public service. Students are required to complete eight taught courses and one capstone project or dissertation in order to graduate. Graduates are employed in government agencies at all levels, national associations, public interest groups, research and consulting firms, and in the private sector. The FernUniversität offers a variety of forms of continuing education. Be­rufs­in­te­grie­ren­de Fern­stu­dien­gän­ge, Stu­di­um am zen­tra­len Hoch­schul­cam­pus. 1 Both degrees can put you on a path to success, and each has its own specific advantages. The Master of Public Administration (MPA) requires 39 credit hours of approved graduate work for students entering the program with a bachelor's degree. Dann freuen wir uns auf Sie! Hier erhalten Sie einen Überblick zu den Studienzielen, den Studieninhalten sowie zum Studienabschluss. Graduates with their Masters in Public Administration degree can help major news outlets vet current policy designs being put forth by politicians in D.C. Graduates completing the Master of Public Administration will: 1. have an integrated and advanced understanding of a complex body of knowledge in the field of public sector administration and understand contemporary trends and developments in the field in both developing and developed countries 2. acquire the ability to analyse critically, reflect on and synthesise complex information, problems, concepts and theories in the field of public sector administration 3. research and apply establ… The master of public administration (MPA) is designed to provide a developmental framework for those interested in leadership and management in the public service. Our alumni work in a variety of positons, such as 1. The Master of Public Administration degree is the recognized professional degree in public administration, public management, and public service. The Master of Public Administration (MPA) focuses on preparing students for administrative and leadership positions in governmental and nonprofit organizations. Das MPA-Team sowie die Modulkoordinatorinnen und Modulkoordinatoren stellen sich vor. The FernUniversität's continuing education programs are aimed primarily at working professionals who wish to build on their practical experience with academic education. Information about recognition of international qualifications Our Open Access Studies program is available without admissions requirements and allows you to pursue further education based on your individual interests. Die Kernziele wurden 2010/ 11 in zahlreichen Workshops gemeinsam mit den Ressortbehörden des Bundes konzipiert und seitdem ständig weiterentwickelt. The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program at NIU was one of the first accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), integrating both theory and practice into the course of study. Das Masterstudium "Master of Public Administration" an der Hochschule des Bundes für öffentliche Verwaltung ist einzigartig in Deutschland. The MPA is offered on a 2-year part-time or 1-year full-time basis. It provides an intensive, interdisciplinary course of study for professionals who wish to work on increasingly complex issues shaping national, regional and global policies and projects. Das Masterstudium vermittelt gezielt die wissenschaftlichen Methoden und Kenntnisse, die für die Erfüllung der Aufgaben im höheren nichttechnischen Verwaltungsdienst erforderlich sind. To enroll in a bachelor's program at the FernUniversität, you will need a German higher education entrance qualification (either a "Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife" or "Zeugnis der fachgebundenen Hochschulreife"), an equivalent internationational qualification, or relevant vocational experience. National co… Der Bundesmaster von der Praxis für die Praxis. The MPA program is a professional degree and a graduate degree for the public sector and it prepares individuals to serve as managers, executives and policy analysts in the executive arm of local, state/provincial, and federal/national government, and increasingly in non-governmental organization (NGO) and nonprofit sectors; it places a focus on the systematic investigation of executive … Please refer to the relevant faculty's information regarding the courses and exams offered. 48 Units from completion of the following compulsory courses: Der höhere Dienst gilt in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland als höchste Beamtenlaufbahn und ist daher für viele Menschen interessant, die als Führungskraft tätig werden möchten. The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a unique, interdisciplinary program designed exclusively for experienced professionals. The MPA prepares students to take on leadership roles working in and with government. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all coursework is required to … Zudem ist eine Teilnahme als Gasthörerin oder Gasthörer möglich. Der Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) stellt einen höchsten akademischen Grad in der angelsächsischen universitären Lehre der Verwaltungswissenschaft dar. Hier erhalten Sie ausführliche Informationen zu den verschiedenen Bewerbungsmöglichkeiten auf die Studienplätze des Masterstudiengangs (ordentliches Studium und Gasthörerschaft). Das Masterstudium " Master of Public Administration " an der Hochschule des Bundes für öffentliche Verwaltung ist einzigartig in Deutschland. List of bachelor's programs at the FernUni, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Full time: 6 semesters / Part time 12 semesters, Enrollment only in the winter semester, online self-assessment required (German), Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Full time: 6 semesters / Part time 9 semesters, LL.B. Do you have a head for administration and a heart for building stronger communities? To enroll in a master's program at the FernUniversität, you will need a completed bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification. The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is an interdisciplinary two-year degree covering the broad field of public policy and administration in a global context. Mögliche Studienorte sind Brühl oder Berlin. 12 credit hours are electives that can comprise an area of concentration. You can find more information about our preparatory courses on our German-language website. 1.5 year Masters degree with up to .5 year (24 units) credit available; Understand the complexities and challenges of facilitating public action; Disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on public administration; This degree is an effective way to jumpstart your leadership and management career in public administration. Classes are completely on your schedule. Learn more about our program that has been successful in finding internships for 100% of students. Der DPA hat keine direkte Entsprechung im deutschen Hochschulsystem und ist in Deutschland am ehesten mit einer Promotion in Verwaltungswissenschaften zum Dr. rer.publ. A Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) is the government and public service equivalent of the common MBA degrees in the business world. Full time: 4 semesters / Part time 8 semesters, Full time: 4 semesters / Part time 6 semesters, Full time: 3 semesters / Part time 4 semesters. Zum Masterstudium zugelassen werden können auch Beschäftigte der Bundesverwaltung, die derzeit (noch) kein Aufstiegsverfahren absolvieren. In addition to core coursework in public policy, budgeting, analytical methods, and other aspects of organizational administration, MPA students choose a field of specialization.. Information about recognition of international qualifications. Hier erhalten Sie Informationen zu den Zugangs- und Zulassungsvoraussetzungen zum Masterstudium. Master's Programs To enroll in a master's program at the FernUniversität, you will need a completed bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification. You can work with organizational design and leadership, management in public administration, private firms and voluntary organizations. je studium určené zejména pro manažery v oblasti veřejné správy a nestátních neziskových organizací (NGO). The FernUniversität offers you the chance to get ready for your study program with individual preparatory courses for certain programs. You can view a list of the master's programs offered at the FernUniversität below, with links to further information in German about each program. It is available to anyone, regardless of age or previous educational experience, and there are no entry requirements. The talking heads and commentary style journalists need the insight of those who understand how to research and understand where different political minds rest on these issues. You can simply plan your studies around your individual life circumstances. The one-year full-time Master in Public Administration (MPA) programme prepares students for senior management roles in the public sector. : Full time: 7 semesters / Part time 10 Semester First Legal Examination: Full time: 9 semesters / Part time 14 semesters, To help your decision: voluntary online self-assessment (German). With an MPA, you will have developed your analytical skills through scientific work and presentations - particularly when it comes to organizational issues, democracy, politics, administration and service delivery. Wir haben Sie überzeugt? You will also be able to give advice on organizational and policy issues in the private and public sectors. Applicants must have a regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with a … 100% online. Seit 2014 sind nicht mehr nur Beamtinnen und Beamte des gehobenen Dienstes sowie vergleichbare Tarifbeschäftigte im Rahmen eines Aufstiegsverfahrens in den höheren Dienst des Bundes zugangsberechtigt. Er richtet sich an berufserfahrene Beschäftigte in der öffentlichen Verwaltung und kann als Fernstudium berufsbegleitend studiert werden. Charakteristika. The key objectives of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) programme are to equip students with the latest knowledge needed to understand the organisation and operation of the public sector; and to acquire skills that will enable them to become effective public managers in Hong Kong and beyond. Fusing public administration with leading cross-disciplinary research in exciting societal domains. Der Studiengang vermittelt im Rahmen verschiedener Module Wissen aus den Bereichen Personalmanagement, öffentliche BWL, Controllingun… Nutzen Sie die Vorzüge des Masterstudiums an der HS Bund, vergrößern Sie Ihre Verwendungsbreite in der öffentlichen Verwaltung und erwerben Sie gleichzeitig einen international anerkannten Masterabschluss an der größten Hochschule des Bundes (120 ECTS-Punkte)! You can find more information on our German site. Neben E-Learning-Elementen stehen Ihnen hier weitere Studienmaterialien sowie Kommunikationsmöglichkeite… It will equip you with the skills to address policy issues at local, regional and international levels. Ein erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Master-Studium gilt in der Regel als Grundvoraussetzung für den höheren Dienst, so dass sich der Master of Public Administration als exzellente Wahl erweist. Review MPA programs - on campus and online, based on NASPAA. The FernUniversität's Open Access Studies program (or "Akademiestudium") is similar to auditing a course at a traditional university. The focus is on the interplay between politics and public administration and the interaction between different levels of governance in policy making. Programme Structure. The Master of Public Administration (MPA), which emphasizes a comparative approach to domestic politics and institutions, prepares students to address major national policy issues and manage organizations in the US and other countries around the world. In addition, we have continuing education programs to support you in your career. Search over 500 different accredited Masters of Public Administration degrees online or on-campus and learn how you can engage in a career in the public sector, within government, at non-profit organizations, or within the public or private public administration industry.